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Movie Poster : MORABEZA, The strength of the movement.

Sometimes, I also do some graphist things to give a hand to my loved ones.
This is why when my childhood buddies Benjamin and Jeremy asked me to do the official poster of their very first documentary, I couldn't say no and I am very proud to have contributed in my own little way to this great movie project.

Intrigued by the country’s welcomeness and peculiar History of migration during their first trip of five weeks in Cape Verde, Jeremy & Benjamin who fell in love with the country and its culture, set on an adventure to meet the Cape Verdeans who have migrated close to them, in Europe.
Through this journey, they get a better understanding of the realities of migration and find in the Cape Verdean culture the key for different cultures to better live together in their own society.

Movie in theaters in fall 2019 and early 2020.
Follow the facebook page of the movie by clicking on the link below to stay tuned about the latest news :

 >>> Documentary Morabeza - Cape Verde <<<


(Poster & pictures editing on Adobe Photoshop.
Original pictures by Benjamin Vallet)

Duration : 75 minutes

Directors : Benjamin Vallet & Jeremy Billon.

Screenplay : Jeremy Billon & Joan Sabatier

Editing : Adrien Boutry

Original Soundtrack : Louis Fayolle

Sound Mixing : Mix'n'Mouse

Production : Analogue Productions & Mediacoop

Secondary works for social networks :

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